Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Grow Bamboo Houseplants

Growing Bamboo as houseplants, has become somewhat of the rage. It's popularity has increased steadily. Bamboo is easy to grow with little attention, and thrives in almost any light. Native to China, Bamboo is the favorite food of Panda Bears. There are several hundred varieties of bamboo.
When grown indoors as houseplants, bamboo is planted in containers filled with decorative stones. Water is added and have a beautiful green plant.
You can also grow some varieties indoors in soil.
Bamboo is a lucky symbol, bringing you good fortune. This is a major cause to its popularity. It is most notably a symbol to be lucky in love.

Bamboo can be grown from cuttings. Select young canes and root in water.
Bamboo is also propagated from Rhizomes. The Rhizomes should be planted in large containers. The basic varieties are categorized as clumping or running which describes the growth of the plants. Clumping varieties are best for indoors.

Care and Maintenance:
Bamboo Grown in Water:
Place rooted canes in a container filled with decorative stones. Fill the container with water. The water should be replaced routinely. Fertilizers are not needed. Place the plant in full, partial, or filtered light. The plant will grow slowly.
Bamboo Grown Indoors in Soil:
Clumping varieties work best. Select a large container with holes in the bottom for drainage. Bamboo likes loose and rich soil that drains well. Use plenty of peat moss and other loose medium. Fill partially with soil. Plant the rhizomes an inch or two deep. If you have a small plant, plant it in the container about level with the depth the roots currently are at. Water thoroughly, and keep soil moist.
Place the plant in full to partial sunlight. Water when the soil begins to dry out. At no time should the rhizomes be allowed to be wet. When growing in soil, apply a general purpose fertilizer, or one high in nitrogen on an occasional basis. Plant spikes work well.
Whether grown in water, or in soil, plants should be long lived.
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